Marketplace Pricing

What type of requirements are posted on TalentBazaar.com?

The requirements posted on TalentBazaar are having CTC of Rs. 240,000 and above. We have a separate plan for employers looking to hire junior resources.

How much does it cost to use TalentBazaar?

We charge a nominal fee (Rs 100-Rs4000, depending on value of the requirement) to send a request to work on a self service requirement and keep 25% of the placement fee for all direct hires. 75% of the placement fee is offered to the recruiter who has successfully placed the candidate.

We also work with independent/freelance recruiters with a separate plan. Please apply to discuss more about the plan.

How large are the placement fees on TalentBazaar?

The average placement fee for candidates recruited on TalentBazaar is Rs 50000. The highest placement fee for an individual candidate is Rs. 8,83,510.

Why should I work on revenue share with TalentBazaar?

Recruiters find that using TalentBazaar makes them more money. TalentBazaar allows them to spend their time searching for candidates and hiing more candidates instead of cold calling and tying to acquire clients on their own

When do I get paid for successful placements?

You get paid after completion of candidate warranty period. In most cases,  it is 90 days.

Incentive to Join

I already have all the business I can handle; why should I join TalentBazaar?

TalentBazaar has two types of users: recruiters who work exclusively in the marketplace and recruiters who use TalentBazaar to supplement their offline business. With easy access to hundreds of open requisitions, recruiters can place all their quality candidates and generate substantial incremental revenue.

Does TalentBazaar work for recruitment firms with multiple users?

TalentBazaar system allows organizations to add as many users to the system as required at no cost. The account administrator can monitor all recruiting work and manage all user and financial activity.

What companies use TalentBazaar?

Employers from a wide range of industries use TalentBazaar, Please go through our client list to look at some of the clients that we work with

Marketplace Basics

What is the process to join TalentBazaar?

The marketplace is not open to everybody. After registering, recruiters must complete the joining formalities successfully to be able to work with us.

Are employers on TalentBazaar responsive?

Just like in the offline world, some employers are very responsive and others are not. To address this important issue, TalentBazaar has developed several key indicators to help recruiters gauge employer responsiveness. Using these indicators, experienced users find the best employers with ease.

Who can see my candidates when I upload them to TalentBazaar?

Candidates are kept confidential. Only if a recruiter explicitly chooses to send candidate information to an employer, will this information be shared with that employer. Privacy and security are of paramount concern and we encourage all members to read the TalentBazaar Privacy Policy.

How can I develop relationships with employers if I can't talk to them first?

The TalentBazaar marketplace facilitates communication between recruiters and employers. By breaking down so many barriers to conducting business, recruiters can develop employer relationships easily and get positive recommendations.

Does TalentBazaar help me find candidates?

No. TalentBazaar provides you mandates, its recruiters responsibility to source quality candidates for these mandates.

Will I be required to include a candidate's contact information in a submission?

No. Recruiters can choose to remove reference to a candidate’s personal information on a resume prior to submission.

User Protections

How does the Warranty Period work?

Warranty period for an employer is mentioned along with the job, if a candidate does not work out during this period, TalentBazaar will refund the money to the employer and no placement fee will be paid to the recruiter.

Can I offer a replacement guarantee instead of the money back guarantee?

No. One central contract, which provides for a money back guarantee, governs the relationship between all parties.

Can I see the names and phone numbers of the employers?

No, you can communicate using the inbuilt messaging system, the employer has access to your phone number and email address. If needed, they can call you and also share their contact details with you.

What happens if the employer doesn't pay?

TalentBazaar will make every effort to collect the placement fee from delinquent employers. With the quality of employers that TalentBazaar has attracted, this has not been an issue.

How do you resolve disputes?

TalentBazaar technology provides visibility in the recruiting process that protects our customers from common recruiting disputes. In the rare case that a dispute arises, we will take the situation off your shoulders and act as a neutral mediator to work out a settlement between parties. If mediation is unsuccessful, either party can enforce the Terms of Use to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Marketplace Policies

Who owns the submitted candidates?

Recruiters own the candidates they submit for a period of six months from the date of submission.

What if I already have a relationship with an employer that is on your site?

If a recruiter has an existing, documented, relationship with an employer, they can continue to work offline or they can work through TalentBazaar, subject to our Terms of Use. The Terms of Use prohibit bringing new business developed through TalentBazaar offline and anyone attempting to violate this policy will be immediately removed from the marketplace.

What if another recruiter submits my candidate for the same requirement?

TalentBazaar’s system blocks duplicate submissions. In the unlikely event that the system fails to block a duplicate submission, the placement fee will be paid to the recruiter who first submitted the candidate, as determined by the time and date stamp on the submissions.

What if the employer already has a candidate that I submit?

Candidates who applied to an employer outside of the marketplace in the preceding six months belong to the employer, and not to the submitting recruiter. If the employer hires the candidate, the employer will not owe a fee.

If you still have questions, please refer to Pricing and Policies or contact a TalentBazaar representative at (022) 6456 5807/08/09/10/11/12/13/14/15