Key Benefits

TalentBazaar’s candidate sourcing and processing platform adds immense value to companies of all sizes. It is equally effective for organizations looking to hire a single candidate or candidates in large numbers. Companies not using any kind of recruitment automation platform find it as a blessing. Companies using any other recruitment automation platform find value because of our platform’s sourcing and delivery capability. Our geographically spread consultant pool, having experience in almost all industries and all possible niche, helps you source great active and passive candidates extremely quickly, helping you close your positions faster than any other channel.

Reduce manual efforts by using a world class automated hiring platform

TalentBazaar automates your hiring process, helping you save a lot of efforts in doing manual duplicate checks and eliminating excel based tracking. Our system lets you manage your candidates and recruiter relationship in a much better way, helping you keep track of your hiring activity on real time basis. With TalentBazaar, candidates, their schedules, current status and panel feedback are not lost in your inbox/excel sheet.  For organizations using any recruitment platform, our system can be integrated with your system and TalentBazaar’s pool of consultants can help you close large number of requirements extremely quickly.

Leverage appropriate candidate sourcing channel

Work with your internal recruitment team or a recruitment consultant empaneled directly with you or use our diverse pool of  consultant, the choice is yours.  Decide based on hiring timeline, complexity of requirement and volume of requirements.

Instant Access to a Network of 1,000s of recruitment consultants

TalentBazaar gives employers access to a professional network of thousands of qualified recruiters, covering each industry, all domains and every possible niche skills. All under a single agreement and single billing and payment system.

Select recruiters based on performance and statistics instead of empty promises

Use Sample CV from the consultants, along with their detailed profiles showing past closures, performance statistics and testimonial by other employers to select best consultant for your requirement.

Minimal Vendor Management: Eliminate administrative hassles

TalentBazaar streamlines your third-party recruitment process by eliminating administrative hassles like paperwork, contracting, approvals, and procurement. No need to negotiate different contracts with multiple recruitment firms. Upon placement, pay just one vendor: TalentBazaar.

Work on your commercial terms and conditions

Take full control of your spending by working on a standard commercial terms and conditions with all recruiters.

Money Back Guarantee

You only pay for a successful hire through external partners, and TalentBazaar will refund the full placement fee paid if the candidate does not work out for up to 90 days.

Gain control with company-wide reporting

See a snapshot of the recruiting activity across your entire enterprise. Drill down to the detail in both real-time and historical reports.

Use  TalentBazaar as a centralized vendor recruitment platform for your organization

We give you flexibility to move your existing recruitment consultants on the marketplace, work with your own set of vendors and if you need more hands to close your position, use vendors from our marketplace.  You can also refer new vendors soliciting your business to and we will screen them for you and accept the best. No more cold calls.

Try before you buy

Please register for a Forever free plan here, you can upgrade your plan anytime you wish.