How it works


Employers Post Job Vacancies

Employers post a job on TalentBazaar.

Employers Engage Recruiters

Recruiters search for job descriptions and companies that match their expertise, then request permission to work on a requirement along with a sample CV. Employers can review the sample CV and the recruiters’ historical performance to determine fit before deciding whether to accept or decline engagement.

Employers can also directly assign the requirement to internal recruiters or their preferred recruitment consultants.

Recruiters Submit Candidates

Once engaged, the recruiter can freely submit candidates for the position. Employers can assess submitted candidates online or coordinate through recruiters for direct line-ups  and recruiters and employers can track the progress of their candidate every step of the way.

Employers Review & Process Candidates

Employers review resumes and interview candidates. The platform simplifies the processing by helping employers to schedule interviews through consultants, capture feedback, feedback is shared automatically and easy communication options using email or phone with the consultants.

Employer Hires candidate, TalentBazaar invoices the employer and manages the payment to the recruiter

Once the candidate joins, TalentBazaar invoices the employer for placement fee. The employer pays one vendor, TalentBazaar, and TalentBazaar delivers 75% to the successful Recruiters. TalentBazaar will refund the full placement fee to the employer if the candidate leaves the organization within 90 days. Please refer to Pricing and Policies for details about fees and the employment guarantee.