FAQ & Policies

Employers: Frequently Asked Questions

How TalentBazaar is different than a recruitment firm/placement consultancy/executive search firm?

TalentBazaar aggregates recruitment/executive search firms and work with them on a revenue sharing mode using our platform.  TalentBazaar helps you work with all these evaluated consultants under one standard agreement and a single billing and payment system, helping you get your positions closed quickly with reduced efforts.

How TalentBazaar is different than a job portal (Naukri.com /Monster.com etc)?

TalentBazaar helps you collaborate with recruitment consultants and they send you qualified candidates for your requirements.  Job portals like Naukri.com or Monster.com provide you with a candidate database which you can use to source candidates yourself.

Marketplace Policies

Who owns the submitted candidates?

Recruiters own the candidates they submit for a period of six months from the date of submission. The employer owes a placement fee if they hire one of those candidates for any job during this time period.

Non Solicitation

All recruiters using TalentBazaar are prohibited from recruiting employees from any employer where they have made a placement during the previous one year period.


All recruiters using TalentBazaar are legally required to keep information that they learn from employers confidential.

What if I already have a candidate that a recruiter submits to me?

Candidates who applied to an employer outside of the marketplace in the preceding six months belong to that employer, and not to the submitting recruiter. If the employer hires the candidate, the employer will not owe a fee. However the employer is expected to notify the recruiter about duplication as quickly as possible after receiving such a candidate.

What happens if two recruiters submit the same candidate?

TalentBazaar’s system blocks duplicate submissions. In the unlikely event that the system fails to block a duplicate submission, the placement fee will be paid to the recruiter who first submitted the candidate, as determined by the time and date stamp on the submissions. Employers will never be required to pay placement fee to two consultants for the same candidate.

Can I work offline with recruiters I meet through TalentBazaar?

No. The Terms of Use prohibit bringing new business developed through TalentBazaar offline and anyone attempting to violate this policy will be immediately removed from the marketplace.

Do employers have to use the TalentBazaar contract?

Yes, one central contract governs the relationship between all parties. The main contract was developed with the input and cooperation of a large number of employers and recruitment firms.

* These terms are subject to change by TalentBazaar at any time. The information presented here is a summary. For the complete terms, please see the TalentBazaar detailed agreement, which is available during registration..

Marketplace Pricing

How much does it cost to use TalentBazaar?

TalentBazaar charges a monthly fee for platform usage and a success based placement fee for every hire that you make through placement consultants on TalentBazaar.

Why would recruiters work on revenue share?

Recruiters find that using TalentBazaar makes them more money. TalentBazaar allows them to spend their time searching for candidates and hiring more candidates instead of cold calling and trying to acquire clients on their own.

What kind of requirements gets posted on TalentBazaar?

TalentBazaar works on annual salary levels of Rs 200,000 and above. Most of our requirements are in the range of 6 lakhs/annum to 15 lakhs/annum. Our vast pool of recruitment consultants can cater to requirements across levels and industries.

User Protections

How does the employment guarantee work?

TalentBazaar offers full refund of placement fee to the employer in case the candidate leaves the organization in 90 days from the joining date.

With so many recruiters, will I be bombarded with resumes?

No. Employers decide how many and which all recruiters they want to work with. Any recruiter, who has not been approved to work on your requirement, will not be able to submit candidates. Also, employer’ ability to view recruiter’s marketplace statistics discourages recruiters from sending out resumes indiscriminately.

Will any recruiter be able to access my contact information and call me?

No, TalentBazaar hides employers’ contact information from the marketplace. Our inbuilt messaging system helps consultants interact with employers. Employers have access to the contact details of recruiters.

How does TalentBazaar screen for qualified headhunters?

The marketplace is not open to everybody. After registering, recruiters must complete a sourcing assignment of 6 of our complex requirements, attend a live demonstration and satisfactorily complete a screening interview with a TalentBazaar representative.

How do you resolve disputes?

TalentBazaar technology provides full transparency in the recruiting process that protects our customers from common recruiting disputes. In the rare case that a dispute arises, we will take the situation off your shoulders and act as a neutral mediator to work out a settlement between parties. If mediation is unsuccessful, either party can enforce the Terms of Use to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Value to Join

My jobs are in a unique specialty and I have a hard time finding appropriate recruiter. Will TalentBazaar work for me?

TalentBazaar marketplace is made up of thousands of recruiters throughout the country who place candidates across industries and positions. Our employers have been extremely happy with the quality that our recruiters have been able to deliver.

How long will it take to see results?

TalentBazaar is the fastest candidate sourcing channel, resumes start flowing in less than 24 hours for requirements with standard placement fees.

Does TalentBazaar work for employers with multiple users?

TalentBazaar Enterprise allows organizations to add as many users to the system as required at no extra cost.

We like our recruiters and are happy with our current arrangements. Why should we join TalentBazaar?

In today’s competitive job market, new channels of talent acquisition are absolutely essential. TalentBazaar will add immediate quality candidate flow for any large or small organization and streamline vendor relationships and procurement processes dramatically.

I get enough calls from recruiters. Why should I join TalentBazaar?

If you’re asking this question, you will definitely like using TalentBazaar. With TalentBazaar as the single vendor, employers can access candidates from any recruiter with no hassle.

What companies use TalentBazaar?

Employers from a wide range of industries use TalentBazaar. For details please look at our client list.

If you still have questions, please contact a TalentBazaar representative at 022 – 6456 5812/13/14/15