Client testimonials

Talent Bazaar has been impressive in getting us the right resources for the complex requirements that we have. It is a notch above the rest in terms of client engagement and the fast TAT for closing critical requirements. With the scope and reach of TB, I am sure they are an asset for any organization to liaison with and have quality resources on-board. I wish them all the best and am sure this is just the beginning of a very successful phase for them. I recommend them.

– Mahesh Kumar Sharma
Manager – Human Resources
Tata Consultancy Services

Talent Bazaar was the first recruitment agency that we started work with at FAASOS.  Today they have helped us recruit some of our best talent and that too across positions, levels and geographies. They are the people we go to when we have unique requirements and we don’t know where to start looking!
At FAASOS, we are fairly quirky (read irritating) when it comes to picking profiles – I don’t think many people apart from the folks at TB have the patience, the  network or the wisdom to ‘get us’ and then get us what we want.

– Shashank Mehta
Faasos Food Services

Talentbazaar has been a great support. Their model is very unique and gives an opportunity to get sourcing support from several vendors while your empanelled with only one. The quality of profiles is good.

– Srijit Sen
Associate Manager

TalentBazaar guys (and the lady leading them) are always on the job when you need their help. We’ve reached out to them on a lot of occasions across various profiles and compensation levels. The best thing is their responsiveness – as soon as we share the JD, they’ll be super quick to line up a bunch of prospects. Further, I think their database also is quite rich with relevant profiles, especially for the F&B sector. Overall, they are right up there at the top of our list of go-to-guys as soon as we have a new opening!

– Raghav Joshi
Faasos Food Services

Talentbazaar has been a great partner for us in our recruitment needs for our portfolio. Startups can be challenging for a recruiter and they are really impressive. Their model really works and we have seen relevant and good resumes which cannot come from just online portals. I would strongly recommend them.

– Anand Lunia
India Quotient and Ex-partner

At Wildcraft, we have been in the hunt for intrepreurial talent as we scale up.
Have been using quite a few consultancies for the same, before we got the lead to talent bazaar team.
Over the last 6 months of engagement – the tb team has displayed an excellent grasp on the skills required & the nuances on competencies we at Wildcraft value.
The prompt action in shortlisting, follow-ups & assertiveness to close has been outstanding.
Look forward to using TB’s service as we equip the team at Wildcraft.

– Gaurav Dublish
Promoter Director

TalentBazaar has been an active force to close our niche requirement which starts from linguistic resource to high end R&D analytics experts. Its been a joyride for both the teams and hope to see the same enthu in coming years.”

– Mohammed Farouq Khan
Tata Consultancy Services

Most of our top positions have been provided by Talent Bazaar. We are very happy with the service provided and the candidates selected. The important thing about Talent Bazaar as a recruitment consultant is that unlike most other recruitment companies, Talent Bazaar tries to understand the DNA and the culture of the organisation besides the JD and the other requirements of company which ensures that the person joins is a perfect fit in the company.

– Vikram Vora